Ceiling systems

Ceiling systems are constructions consisting of suspended ceiling boards and profile system mounted to the main ceiling with appropriate fastening elements (hangers, springs and dowels).

Ceiling systems allow masking visible communications due to availability of some space between the two ceilings; they do not require any additional treatment and are quickly installed. These are used for the improvement of acoustic and soundproofing performance of the premises as well as creation of any interior (wide choice of colors, coatings, textures, and dimensions thus allowing realization of any design solutions).


The system being installed the most frequently is cassette ceiling that is characterized with quick installation and high correspondence of price and quality at the same time.

We offer European quality ceiling systems to our customers in collaborating with manufacturers.

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Suspended ceiling boards

The most well-known suspended ceiling boards included to the Company’s range are as follows:

1. AMF ceiling systems of ECOMIN series show good building and physical properties of the boards in the part of fire resistance and acoustics.

Product Composition Edge type Board dimensions Sound absorption Weight Moisture resistance
Planet, Filigran, Trentopft Mineral basalt fiber, clay, starch, perlite SK 600х600х13, 1200Х600х13 aw=0,55 3,5 kg/m2 Relative humidity up to 90%
SK 600х600х13, 1200Х600х13 aw=0,10 3,5 kg/m2

2. Rockfon Lilia and Lilia 12 acoustic ceiling boards are universal solution for those in need of strong and safe ceilings at low cost.

Product Composition Edge type Board dimensions Sound absorption Weight Moisture resistance
Lilia, Lilia 12lil_1 Rockwool, glass fiber fabrics, paint A15/24 600x600x15 aw=0,55 1,8 kg/m2 Relative humidity up to100%
A15/24 600x600x12 aw=0,45 1,3 kg/m2


Profile system

1. Performance specifications of the profile system lsg
Name Thickness, mm Length, mm Height, mm Width, mm Load** kg/m2
LSG plus 24Plus 24 Main profile 3.6 0.3 3600 38 24 7,10
Transverse profile 1.2 0.3 1200 25 24
Transverse profile 0.6 0.27 600 25 24
LSG plus 15 ммPlus 15 Main profile 3.6 0.31 3600 38 14,5 10,46
Transverse profile 1.2, 0.6 0.31 1200 38 14,5
LSG ultra 15 ммUltra 15 Main profile 3.6 0.4 3600 42 14,5 12,36
Transverse profile 1.2, 0.6 0.4 1200 42 14,5
LSG fut 24Fut 24 Main profile 3.6 0.35 3600 38 24 10,48
Transverse profile 1.2, 0.6 0.35 1200 38 24
Angle bar Wall boundary 3* 0.4 3000 22 19  
Wall boundary 3* (stepped) 0.5 3000 19х7х7х19 19х7х7х19  

*“wall boundary” angle bar produced of steel sheet 0.4 mm and 0.5 mm thick eliminates “sinuous” fitting of the double system to the wall that renders ceiling contours more clear-cut.

Additional advantage of this suspension system is availability of a fire compensator.
2. Performance specifications of the profile system images
Name Length, mm Height, mm Width, mm Load** kg/m2
T15amf_ventatec1 Main profile 3.6 3600 38 15 10,6
Transverse profile 1.2, 0.6 1200, 600 38 15
T24amf_ventatec1 Main profile 3.6 3600 38 24 8,5
Transverse profile 1.2, 0.6 1200, 600 33 24
Angle bar Wall boundary 3 3000 19, 24 24  

 **Loading parameters were calculated taking into consideration distance between the main profiles of 1,200 mm.  


подвес пружина-160x160 Double spring (Butterfly) is a steel spring that is designed for leveling height of the suspension system used in complete with two rods outfitted with lugs and hooks.
1 Clamping rod is a rod outfitted with a lug designed for the suspended ceiling systems installation, Ø=4 mm, L – 250; 500; 1,000; 1,500; 2,000.
Material: steel. 
Application: Clamping rods are designed for the fastening of the construction of the plasterboard and suspended ceilings devices. The rods allow lowering suspended metal construction for a distance of up to 2,000 mm measured from the ceiling base. Fastening is realized using bierbach metal dowels.
2 Hooked rod - the rods are designed for the installation of the profile constructions of suspended ceilings, Ø=4 mm, L – 250; 500; 1.000; 1,500; 2,000
Material: steel.
Application: Hooked rods are designed for the fastening of the construction of plasterboard and suspended ceilings devices. The rods allow lowering suspended metal construction for a distance of up to 2,000 mm. Fastening is realized using anchor hanger.
54938685_w200_h200_at2 Suspended ceiling dowel - bierbach tdn (an anchor for the installation of the suspended ceilings) – 6х35.
Material: steel galvanized electrolytically.
Application: for the fastening of the suspended ceiling elements, profiles, etc. The steel construction meets fire safety requirements.

Materials consumptions for 100 m²*

For boards of 600 x 600 x 15 mm and 600 x 600 x 13 mm formats

The distance between the main profiles is 1,200 mm

Board (pcs) 292
Main profile 3,600 mm (pcs) 25
Transverse profile 1,200 mm (pcs) 147
Transverse profile 600 mm (pcs) 147
Wall boundary angle bar (pcs) 21
Hanger (pcs) 70

*The data should be taken into consideration bearing in mind possible 5 % of cutting


Rockfon, AMF and Geipel suspended ceilings are of genuine European quality

 If you haven’t made your decision as to which suspended ceiling to choose in Kiev then we recommend you to review the produce of Rockfon, AMF, and Geipel.  Systems offered by those manufacturers have huge amount of useful functions ensuring maximum comfort and safety. You are welcome to choose from sound absorbing, fire resistant, moisture resistant or shock resistant suspended ceiling systems.

We offer a number of suspended ceilings made of four types of materials: wood, metal, stone, and gypsum. All of them are fabricated bearing in mind aesthetic requirements and capable of rendering specified style at any premises.

“VIST” is here to help you choose your ceiling system that would fulfill your requirements. Would you like your suspended ceiling to have specified texture and shape? No problem! Please review our range on this site or visit our office for a professional consultation.

  • austere classic Thermatex boards;
  • cheap and cost-saving Ecomin ceilings;
  • designer Symetra boards;
  • hygienic Hygiena boards;
  • Heradesign ceiling systems made of natural wooden fiber;

And also:

  • edges;
  • installation systems;
  • metal suspended ceiling;
  • aluminum suspended ceiling.
 Choose suspended ceiling supplied by “VIST” and your SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!