AMF suspended ceilings

ichwwx AMF Deckensysteme (Germany) is the leading international manufacturer and supplier of high performance ceiling systems. AMF is owned by Knauf and they own of the largest mineral wool board manufacturing plants in Europe.

Products manufactured by AMF considered one of the best suspended ceiling available in Kiev.  AMF offers a diverse choice of products in terms of material, tile size, ceiling grid systems, face pattern and performance levels.  Mineral, metal, gypsum and wood.  Exposed and concealed grids.  Tiles, panels and planks.  Integration with services and access for easy maintenance. Whether you require a high specification ceiling with optimal acoustic performance and integral fire protection, a tile suitable for a clean room application or a performance ceiling at a cost-effective price – you will find a “one stop shop” with AMF Ceilings.  Knauf AMF developed performance ceilings for universal applications.  New technical standards ensure their increased use to benefit safety and comfort of human beings.  At the same time these ceiling systems are also an integrated part of the architecture of spaces.  Knauf AMF is committed to the advancement of integration between function and aesthetics.  Ceiling systems can be fire resistant, water proof, hygienic, noise absorbing, shock resistant etc.  German ceiling systems are believed to be the most durable in the world. 

Whatever your choice – gypsum, stone or iron suspended ceiling – satisfaction is guaranteed.

We offer wide range at competitive prices. 

[li]Economy-size inexpensive ECOMIN boards[/li]
[li]Classic austere THERMATEX boards[/li]
[li]SYMETRA designer boards[/li]
[li]HYGIENA hygienic boards for suspended ceilings[/li]
[li]THERMATEX Varioline gypsum boards for suspended ceilings[/li]
[li]THERMATEX Sonic Sky ceiling systems[/li]
Heradesign natural boards made of wood fiber[/li]

[li]Mounting systems[/li]

AMF offers time-tested German quality.