About the company

VIST was founded in 1995 in Kiev and became ones of the largest suppliers of building and finishing materials.

VIST is one of the few companies participating in the formation of the assortment of the building and finishing materials market. VIST proved itself to be a reliable partner capable of active development and successive promotion of world brands in the Ukrainian market.

Highly qualified specialists are employed by VIST, who always eager to help customer during selection and ordering processes, render professional consultation regarding application of the product, and answer any questions. Employees at VIST always perfecting their knowledge in order to provide an expert advice.

Regular partners of VIST are manufacturers of building materials from GERMANY, POLAND, AUSTRIA, NETHRLANDS, TAIWAN, FRANCE, FINLAND, BELGIUM, DENMARK, and, of course, UKRAINE.

Our goal is to become Top supplier of new building materials, manufactured using latest available technologies. Specialized seminars and conferences are held on the regular basis where architects, leading builders, and mass media representatives are invited.

Wide range of products and immediate availability of all the materials at our store, regular and timely supplies, professionalism and hospitality of our personnel are those factors that enabled VIST to win trust and loyalty of thousands of customers.

 VIST is proud to announce successful participation in renovation of some major projects across Ukrainian cities: 

 “Olympic” NSC; Premier Palace; AVAL Bank; Ocean Plaza, “Riverstone” DC, ISIDA Clinic, “Ukraine” hotel at Shevchenko Boulevard, Business center at Shelkovichnaya Street, Central railway station in the Capital, synagogue at Shota Rustaveli Street, “MERKS” shops, “Ukrainian Airlines” office at Melnikova Street, shopping center at Drayzera Street in Kiev as well as “OREANDA” hotel complex in Yalta is by far not a complete list of clientele. 

By choosing VIST “TC” as your supplier you will ensure smooth, straight forward sale and timely delivery.

BRANDS offered by VIST: